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This is a place to ask for prayers – for yourself or others – and also a place to respond to others’ requests for prayers.
It is a meaningful experience when you both share your own needs and are present to the needs of others.

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  • heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner , I come with a broken heart, Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart, but Lord you can. please bless those who hate me, don't let their hatred on I made them proud. God you be able to do all things. you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. please make this miracle happen for me
  • I pray that I can recover the Mini DV Tapes that was stolen out of my relatives vehicle back in the name of the mighty Lord. Our pre recorded memories are all in those Tapes, we cannot afford to lose any of them. Thank you in advance.
  • Prayers for my friend Christine, in Munich, her husband Reiner and sons, Nico and Jacob.
    Christine continues to be in pain and requires another 2 surgeries to help stabilize her back which has been severely damaged by the metastases. Fear, pain and serious talks of death have been dominating their lives. The ‘good news’ is that the surgical hospital is near her son, Nico’s, apartment which is helpful because her husband has been staying there to help Nico who is a quadriplegic. There is also a one bedroom available in the same building so Christine will be able to move there post surgery. Please pray the surgery is successful, her pain subsides, and that hope isn’t lost. God of Comfort and Peace have mercy on this devoted daughter who has made You real for others around the world. Wrap this family in your Healing Grace.
  • We ask for prayers for Carrie Chenier in hospital and very ill, and her amazing family who are supporting her.
  • Julia Sgarlata asked me to submit her cousin Arlene for prayer support. Prayers for proper diagnosis and treatment of a mass discovered in her body. Also pray God will grant her strength and courage to deal with this situation.
  • In desperation, please pray for me, i want to know God's love. his unfailing, eternal, faithful love. Father's love. i want to experience, and filled with this love. can you pray for me to meet the God you met? the God of Love? because i do need an encounter of God's love. i need Father.. can you pray for me?
  • My uncle is undergoing heart transplant surgery as I write this. Please pray that the medical staff are supported and there is a successful outcome to the surgery.
  • Brother Chris starts 25 radiation treatments this month

    Maria, the nicest lady in my condo, is seeing a doctor at Princess Margaret on Monday. Pray that Maria will understand what the doctor is telling her. Pray for healing, comfort and strength for her new journey. She is 80 plus.
  • Prayer for family at the passing of my dear Mom. Jeanette Wills. She died suddenly February 21st although she was struggling with Congestive Heart Failure.

    Thanks for the prayers
    Sandra Dickau
  • Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw nasal cavity as it is desperate needs due to brokenness emotional trauma grief lonliness and loss and heal her hair growth, her eyesight, her heartbeat trouble and pray she have a good nights sleep, pray she have more contact with her son and surround her with millions of angels and lift up Magdalena Lovejoy free her from depression heal her hair loss and pray she have a good nights sleep and pray Maya Bradshaw contacts Cleo.
  • I have been ill for 6 weeks. A stomach bug. Off and on since December.
    Please pray for me, for a full recovery.
    Also, please pray for mental well-being as the toll this illness has taken has been alot. I'm feeling so much anger. I'm feeling so weak. Helpless and hopeless.
    In gratitude,
    In Jesus name
  • Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw nasal cavity as it is desperate needs due to brokenness emotional trauma grief lonliness and loss and heal her hair loss, heartbeat trouble, and give her a good night sleep, surround her with millions of angels, and lift up Magdalena Lovejoy to be free from depression have hair growth and a good nights sleep and lift up Cordelia Vogel.
  • My circumstances are my fault but I have been trying to help myself up. Please help me to help myself, especially on 23 February at 1230.
  • Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw nasal cavity as it is desperate needs due to brokenness, emotional trauma, grief, lonliness, loss, hair loss, heartbeat trouble, surround her with millions of angels, lift up Magdalena Lovejoy to be free her from depression and have hair growth, and pray that Maya Bradshaw contacts Cleo again.
  • Prayer request for my dear ex husband, Jeff…I’ve been praying for his salvation and waiting on God in hope for the marriage, but I’ve not had any contact from him since Sept 2021 until yesterday. I sent him an email about a business item and he responded quickly and briefly with the account information I needed. I am praising God that he responded, and renewing my prayers for his salvation and for God to give him a new heart and resurrect our marriage and family. Thank you for praying and hoping with me.
  • Christ, our Brother, not a day goes by without vile acts of terrorism,
    not an hour without racism-fueled violence,
    not a minute without poisonous micro-aggressions,
    not even a second without a woman’s blood being violently shed.
    And yet, we are called to go about our days,
    laughing, celebrating, loving, and sharing,
    nurturing hope, and feeding love,
    being your people in the world,
    with the ever-present weight of oppression.
    The suffering caused by this burden is inescapable from
    the escalating anti-Asian racism and racism in all forms,
    the rise in gun violence and mass shootings,
    the ongoing violence against women and gender-based assaults,
    the injustice of poverty,
    the lack of sufficient health-care resources,
    the isolation, loneliness, and pain.
    The weight of racism, hate, and violence daily breaks hearts and crushes spirits.
    And so we pray with
    the people of Monterey Park and Alhambra, California
  • Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw nasal cavity as it is desperate to heal because of brokenness, and heal her broken spirit, restore her soul and heal from grief, loss of a loved one, and loneliness with millions of angels and a healing cup from Jesus and a healing triangle, with a prophecy, and lift up David Bird to be married to Magdalena Lovejoy happiliy free from spirits of depression and pray Maya Bradshaw contacts Cleo by telephone, and pray to heal Shannon Nicoletta Rogers family tree.
  • For my nephew Rob Hastings in the ICU in Chatham
  • Pray for our merciful God to show mercy to my twin brother Fred and take him home to be with Him.
  • Please pray for my beautiful and smart and funny wife claudine who has mental illness and it\\\'s stopping her from enjoying the joy and happiness all around her lord I ask you to place your unconditional loving hand on her head and heal her of this horrible illness
    In Jesus name I pray amen.
    1. Sue

      May also she find a way thru the maze of desperation back to that joy and love. May any and all forms of treatment work and work well. Also, strenghten her husband and may he feel God\'s love during this difficult time. Physician to the afflicted, heal. In Jesus name.

    2. Sue

      May also she find a way thru the maze of desperation back to that joy and love. May any and all forms of treatment work and work well. Also, strenghten her husband and may he feel God\'s love during this difficult time. Physician to the afflicted, heal. In Jesus name.

  • A dear friend, Christine who lives near Munich, was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks ago. A CT revealed metastasis in her ribs and back when she complained of severe pain. She is being treated with radiation while they await a date for surgery. They are also in between homes at the moment ... she retired in June. Supposedly a move is planned for January 10.
    Prayers are needed for many things.
  • Prayer For The Sick.

    We pray for
    The sick and suffering
    In Palestine today
    And I will light a candle
    For them every night
    And say a little prayer tonight
    That our Lord Jesus Christ
    Heals all sick and suffering in
    Palestine tonight Amen.

    David P Carroll.
  • For Barbara Martin, Lynn LeBlanc's Mom. She is palliative at home in Barrie. Please pray for peace as she transitions to Glory.
    Please also pray for Carol, her other daughter who needs comfort and peace as well.
  • Tested negative for Covid 4x but been to Walk-IN
    Dr, yesterday and today.Praying my chest clears & I do not have to go to Emergency if my breathing gets worse.
  • For our friend John having knee surgery on Friday Oct. 7.
  • Please pray for John Cook (Andrea's Dad) who has a serious infection in his foot. It is severe enough that the tendon is visible.
    Please also pray that the doctors can figure out the proper way to treat this so he does not need his foot amputated (he is diabetic).
  • My dear friend, 'Newf', has cancer. Please pray for her. _/\_
  • Today, I lift up the Richardson family, walking with Ryan''s treatment journey for leukaemia - gratitude for his brothers and their action, more on this prayerful story at Ryan's Cancer Battle on
  • Prayers around Kristen Dirksen's family at the loss of her mother - Gretta J. Anema - funeral is Friday September 23rd, 11:00 Minnesota Time, 12:00 Toronto time, accessed through Oak Knoll Lutheran Church online.
  • My husband Adam Hanley, is on the last week of his military chaplain training, he has a big field test early tomorrow morning, I'm asking for prayer for him - he's worked very hard in service, and he needs our prayers tonight.
  • For my dear friend Linda going through chemo treatments.
  • Please pray for Kate. She developed another brain tumour and had surgery in May. Now she is suffering from pneumonia and is on a respirator and paralyzed with drugs because she was combative. Please pray that she can beat the pneumonia and survive this ordeal. She is only 35 years old.
    1. Gayle

      Sadly Kate passed away yesterday. Please pray for her parents and siblings who have suffered a great loss.

  • Prayers for our friend’s son Nick that he can be taken off intubation this week and breathe on his own and get treatment to stabilize his heart!
    1. Janess Landell

      Nick is off ventilator, and much improved! Thankyou God!

    2. Janess Landell

      Nick is off ventilator, and much improved! Thankyou God!

  • For my friend Marty’s son Nick…. A young Dad of 2 wee boys. In ICU with heart failure. He is intubated and Dr’s having trouble with his treatment.. Nick is a precious young man who works with disabled youth.
  • Asking for prayers for Lynne and Jim Bullock as Jim has been in hospital and they found stones in his bile duct and gallbladder. Prayers for procedure tomorrow and an opening for gallbladder surgery as soon as possible.
    Praying for healing!
    1. Janess Landell

      Glad Jim is home from hospital and got stones cleared from his bile duct! Prayers for an opening for gall bladder to be removed as it has stones too!

  • Please pray for my partner, Key Tse, as he is having Cancer surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital on Monday July 8:00 am.
    1. Janess Landell

      Wonderful to keep hearing Key got a good checkup surgeon report! Continue to heal well!

  • My mom passed away this morning, July 13th, 2022.
    Alda Aurore Marie Robinson nee Marchand, I wanted our church family to know this, more information to follow. Please keep us all in your prayers, Brian Robinson
    1. Janess & Roger

      Praying for you Brian that will feel the closure after your mom’s service in Collingwood on Friday! Bless you Big Time! Love Jan& rog

  • Today we are praying for Brian Robinson's mom Elda, in her 94th year who is palliative in her long term care home here in Toronto. Brian asks for your prayers for peace for his mother, our hearts break with him in these last days. May Christ's peace that passes all understanding be around both of them.
  • A Blessing for all in Pain - Kate Bowler

    This world.

    We are brought to our knees.
    God, today, there is no true north.
    And when I last checked,
    the sun did not rise at all.
    Today, the innocent still suffer,
    teachers still risk their lives,
    families still grieve.

    A world has ended without
    any reasonable fanfare.
    And we are sold the fantasy that nothing can be done.

    Help us to know what to feel – rage, grief, sorrow.
    And what to do – advocate, protest, lament.

    Blessed are we who let reality in,
    though our bodies shudder.

    Blessed are we who ask and wait, and ask again
    for the courage to change our culture
    whose laws and complicity subsidize death.

    God, give us hope that seems hard to find.
  • Please pray for healing for my husband and me. Please pray that our diagnoses will be minor and not serious or life threatening
  • Please pray for Al and his family. He has been diagnosed with advanced cancer . Please pray for an ongoing treatment plan to provide comfort.
  • Please pray for Gayle. She has had a major heart attack followed by bypass surgery and is now experiencing complications. Please pray for treatment and a good recovery plan going forward,
  • Please pray for Gayle Little. Gayle has fallen and has a badly broken ankle. She is waiting for surgery. Please pray the surgery will be done quickly and she will have relief from pain, and a good plan for care when she returns home.
  • May I please request prayer for my sister, who is battling a second bout of cancer.🙏. Thank you.
  • Ukrainian Prayer.

    Suffering all day
    And sadness and pain
    In Ukraine today little
    Children crying every night
    And I'll light a candle to
    The Lord Jesus Christ
    For sick and suffering
    Ukrainians every night Amen.
  • Bev Bailey is going through a rough patch at present. Please keep her in your prayers.
  • For help with increasing neck pain and headaches.
  • For our cousin Jennie’s husband Jeff needing surgery
    for cancer in his colon and liver. May it be soon and the surgeon wise and successful! Surround their family with love and hope dear Jesus!
  • Please keep Darlene and Jaylynn in your prayers, as Darlene starts on her journey toward recovery following knee surgery today.
  • I am currently a newly single mom and I was supposed to move in to my new apartment February 1st. They said it is now a 6 week wait so I am temporarily homeless with 2 little kids, living at a friend's house while I wait for my apartment to be ready. Please pray for God's divine timing and us to be patient as we wait to transition to this new chapter of our lives.
    1. Cynthia

      Yana, we are thinking of you and keeping you in our hearts and prayers. If you would like additional support, please reach out to me. <3