Partnering in Prayer

This is a place to ask for prayers – for yourself or others – and also a place to respond to others’ requests for prayers.
It is a meaningful experience when you both share your own needs and are present to the needs of others.

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  • Please pray for my family. Please pray for salvation for my son. Please pray my husband doesn't have a brain tumor and I don't have cancer or kidney disease
  • Safe travels for our daughter and her partner as they head off to explore the Vancouver area for 10 days. May it be pure holiday with no work interruptions ... filled with joyful exeriences and blissful peace.
  • Please pray for my family. Please pray for salvation for my son. Please pray for negative medical test results for my husband and me. Please pray we don't have cancer and my husband doesn't have a brain tumor
  • For a friend’s husband just diagnosed with stomach cancer.
  • Our Haitian neighbours have seen so many tragedies in recent times,
    and now another—the earthquake that shook the country on August 14.
    We pray that you will give
    the medical teams and those who search for the missing
    the courage and strength they need.
    Strengthen our solidarity
    with this country that has been battered for so long.
    You, manifest in Jesus,
    came to listen and heal the broken and the brokenhearted,
    and those who are experiencing so many challenges;
    and to comfort those who are suffering right now.
    We pray especially for the people
    who are waiting for news of their loved ones,
    and for those in hospitals that are unable to meet their needs.
    Generous God, you know all that they need.
    Make your loving presence visible to them today.
    And open our hearts to this country which has once again been devastated.
    Help us to support those who are coming to the aid of the Haitian people,
    because you are the one who sees the pain this disaster has caused.
    —Pierre-Paul Lafond
  • Please pray for my mental health to be
    strengthened post lockdown.
  • Please pray for wisdom and courage for me and for my husband, Jeff’s salvation. He abandoned me in May, filed for divorce, and moved away with no personal communication. It came as a complete surprise. I have been praying concertedly for restoration but I need the strength to accept God’s will for this marriage, and I don’t know if I am supposed to maintain hope. I am really struggling emotionally. Please pray for us. Thank you.
  • Prayers for Karen- that she will receive the proper diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible.
  • Please pray for Bill who is trying to recover from the pain and muscle weakness caused by Lipitor side effects. Pray that his new Physiotherapist will be able to help him regain his strength.
  • Please pray for my friend Cindy who is in ICU with severe COVID and is on a ventilator
  • Giving thanks for the Go Project and all the ways it brings people and the Spirit together.
    May God bless all those involved as the leaders continue to bring it to our community in a safe way.
    The Spirit empowers the imagination to keep ministries like this live and thrive.
  • For my friend Sherill who fell and broke her knee cap!
  • Please send prayers for my friend Marianne who has had stomach surgery and is recovering in Long Term Care.
  • Please pray for a friend recently diagnosed with serious cancer and beginning treatment.
  • Please pray for me, I ask, very humbly, that I will get a proper diagnosis and treatment

    God Bless you All.
  • by Moderator Richard Bott, The United Church of Canada

    O God, we are grieving.
    O God, we are shocked.
    O God, we are horrified.
    But, God, if we truly listened, we can’t be surprised.
    The Elders and the Communities had already told
    the Truth and Reconciliation Commission,
    told the governments and the world,
    the stories of the children, dead and buried,
    unnoted by the settler systems,
    but never ever forgotten by their siblings, their parents,
    their communities.
    We grieve for the Indigenous children,
    taken from their homes and parents by the government,
    handed over to the responsibility of the Christian church,
    the children who died under its care,
    never to be held by their families,
    never to be returned to their communities―
    not only the 215 children of the Tk\'emlups te Secwepemc
    and other Indigenous communities along the west coast and interior
    whose bodies have now been found
    on the grounds of the Kamloops Indian Residential School grounds,
    but all of those children
    whose bodies have not yet been found
    who died in any of Indian Residential Schools.
    We grieve for the survivors of the Indian Residential Schools,
    the children who did come home,
    but were changed by their experience,
    the children who grew up,
    and have the trauma of remembering, again,
    what happened to them.
    Even as we give thanks for their families and communities,
    who hold the stories of the children,
    who have kept searching,
    who keep searching,
    we grieve that that search is even necessary,
    that even one child was taken,
    that even one child died,
    that even one child’s death went unnoted by the system.
    Help us to stop, to sit in silence,
    to remember the names we do not know.
    May their spirits have peace,
    and their bodies be brought home to their lands.
    And God?
    Help us to take this grief,
    this shock,
    this horror,
    and turn it into right action―
    action that works for right relations―
    action that works for healing and justice and hope.
    And, please,
    don’t let those of us who are settlers
    and descendants of settlers,
    newcomers to this land,
    let the horror, the shock, and the grief
    just be an outpouring of words,
    or tears,
    or ineffectual hand-wringing.
    Let this be a moment that changes,
    a moment that transforms the brokenness,
    that we might walk in right relations,
    for the good of your children,
    for the good of your world.
    Please, God.
    These things we pray,
    in the name of the one who brought Creation into being,
    in the name of Jesus, our teacher and friend,
    in the name of the Holy Spirit,
    whose wings spread across the sky.
    Amen and amen.
  • Please pray for my friend MaryAnn that
    she recovers from infection after stomach surgery.
  • Please pray I may fully understand the lives , struggles and pain of first Nations People as I participate in traditional
    forms of lifestyle/ ceremonies with respect / wonder at the thousands of years of care for our Earth .
  • Please pray for me as I deal with my diagnosis. Please also pray for the skilled hands of the medical team who will be helping me. My first grandbaby is due in October. So o much to look forward to.