Islington United has been sponsoring and supporting refugees for more than 40 years.

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safe haven

We are dedicated to providing a safe haven for vulnerable refugees around the world. Since 1979, Islington United Church has sponsored 105 people, representing 34 groups from 13 countries to come here to safety and build a new life.

start to finish

Our work is similar to an adoption process, making application, planning, waiting, final preparations and welcoming with joy upon arrival. 

The work is supported by the entire congregation and a committee of 20 people who raise funds and acquire household goods and personal items so that everything is ready for the new arrivals. Once the family arrives, the committee enrols children in school and parents in ESL courses, secures health and dental care, creates an employment strategy and ensures integration into Canadian life. 

proud and successful

Newcomers are amazed with the wonderful welcome; they appreciate the friendships, the family support, invitations to homes for dinner, tours of the city and special outings, and even the support by committee members to new mothers through labour and acting as grandparents for young children.

Many are proud to become Canadian citizens within three to five years; many now own their own homes and have children attending university. They have found employment as administrators, service industry workers, as well as skilled trades people and as teachers and engineers.