This program aims to build community through food. Run by a small team of directors and supported by 40 volunteers, the program is fuelled by a passion to help others.

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helping our neighbours

Our Mabelle Food Program operates in conjunction with Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank to provide a nutritious food package to low income households in our local community. 

During the spring and summer months, our Green Team lovingly tends an organic garden on church property, run completely by volunteers, to grow fresh, organic produce that is then donated to the Mabelle Food Program within hours of picking.

run by volunteers

The Mabelle Food Program is open every second Wednesday in the gymnasium at 49 Mabelle Avenue off Dundas Street near the church. We need volunteers of all ages to help prepare and distribute food packages at the Food Program.

donations welcome

We also welcome donations of food which can be left in the Food Program boxes on the upper level outside the church office or in the narthex (i.e., the church’s front lobby).

more than just food

If you’re a knitter, we invite you to join the group that provides handmade hats, scarves and mitts for our clients during the winter months.

emergency food pantry

Not all needs for food and household supplies can be anticipated and sometimes unexpected events produce urgent needs for families or individuals within our community. That’s why Islington United’s Emergency Food Pantry was established. The Food Pantry operates 12 months of the year and is available to anyone needing help. The Food Pantry volunteers monitor the Pantry’s use and replenish supplies as required.

christmas ministry

Islington United knows that Christmas can be a difficult time for many people. Offerings of non-perishable food and money provide food and hospitality for our Mabelle Food Program clients all year through plus a little extra in the form of a gift card for personal shopping at Christmas.