The Islington United Green Team aims to reduce our environmental footprint and ensure we are good stewards of, and live in respect, with God’s creation.

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Project: The Giving Garden

Since 2012 the Green Team has been cultivating an organic garden on church property, run completely by volunteers, to grow fresh, organic produce that is then donated to our neighbours in need.

Project: Sōl Power

Our 48 solar panels have been connected to the Toronto Hydro electrical grid since October 18, 2011 and since then have been producing clean, “green” energy for our community. We have produced over 112 megawatts of electricity. By using a renewable energy technology, we have avoided the release of close to 79,000 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Project: Honey Bees

In the summer of 2016, we welcomed two colonies of honeybees. We allocated a safe and sunny spot on our flat roof as a home for our bee yard and populated our hives with hardy, but docile, strains of bees, suitable for our urban setting, that can reside year-round on our site.

Raised, using non-industrial, non-toxic, and pesticide-free methods, they create all-natural, healthy and fragrant honey throughout our warm months. 

The bees have quickly adapted to our location, and have been put to work pollinating and gathering nectar from neighbourhood flowers, sustaining our own flower and vegetable gardens, as well as other plants, flowering trees and shrubs in our Mimico Creek backyard.

The apiary is dutifully watched and nurtured by our registered Ontario Beekeeper Association (OBA) beekeepers. A share of the honey from the hives generates a valuable donation to the operations of the Mabelle (Daily Bread) Food Program.

Project: green renovations

When painting our spaces we use one of the most environmentally sound brands of paint available. The paint we choose has low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), yet is of exceptional quality and durability.

We have installed seven new low-flush toilets to reduce our water usage as well as our costs.

Fluorescent lighting has been replaced with more energy-efficient options. The quality of the lighting in hallways, meeting rooms and offices has been dramatically improved and yet the new lights use much less energy. 

Project: energy audit

Islington United conducted an energy audit to set a base line for our energy use. From statistics and costs incurred in 2008 we were able to develop an understanding of our ongoing energy usage. With each improvement we make we have been able to demonstrate the energy and cost savings we have achieved since 2008. 

award winners

Each year Faith and the Common Good presents the Greening Sacred Spaces (GSS) Awards to recognize the contributions of faith communities who demonstrate commitment to the care of the environment through action. 

Islington United Church was one of two recipients of the award in 2013. To qualify, faith communities must meet a set of stringent criteria, including completing at least five actions within each of three categories: Spiritual Work, Practical Work and Community Work.

These awards provide a way for people from diverse faith traditions to come together with the shared purpose of affirming and celebrating those who lead the way for all of us in stewardship.