The most important time of our week is Sunday worship services.

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What we do

This is when we come together to put God first through singing, praying and hearing God`s story. Children and youth engage in their own worship through Godly Play. This is our time as a community to remember who we are and whose we are so we can go and be disciples in the world.


Godly Play is an innovative method of faith formation. It allows participants to experience faith-building stories through intentional storytelling and imaginative wondering. Godly Play respects the innate spirituality of children and encourages curiosity and imagination in experiencing the mystery and joy of God. 

Godly Play encourages children to make meaning for themselves by inviting them into stories and providing the opportunity for them to connect the stories with their personal experience. Godly Play values process, openness and discovery.

Godly Play: Ten Best Ways for Parents

One Godly Play lesson tells children about the “Ten Best Ways” to live – the Ten Commandments that God gave to God’s People.  Here we offer “Ten Best Ways” for parents, grandparents and children’s guardians.  Not Commandments, instead they are Behavioral Covenants.  Ways, we invite you to share more fully in your child’s Godly Play experience.

1. Help your children be on time and ready! The ideal arrival time is between 10:15 and 10:25. Teachers need time to prepare for the day’s lesson, so please do not send your children too early. Encourage your child to go to the bathroom before class, take off coats and shoes, and leave any toys and belongings outside the room. Children are always welcomed into the circle, but it is best if everyone is settled before the story starts.

2. Be patient, knowing that part of what we are teaching the children is the importance of slowing down and being ready to be with God. The Godly Play circle is built slowly and lovingly, to welcome each child, one at a time. When children arrive, they wait outside the door while the teacher helps them get ready to join the circle.

3. Say your goodbyes at the door, and know that the teachers are ready to make the next hour a safe and welcoming time for every child. Even if your child is not ready to go in, you may leave them to continuing getting ready with the door person once the rest of the children have gone into the room. 

4. Do not come into the room during drop off, class, or pick up. The Godly Play room is a sacred space for the children, and having additional adults in the room is disruptive to the flow of the class. The door person will dismiss the children one at a time so that each child has time to clean up their own things and say goodbye to the teachers. Again, please be patient! This is an important part of the lesson. 

5. Try not to be discouraged if children do not have the words to tell you about their experience in the classroom. Young children, in particular, will not always be about to tell you what they learned, because what they learned was how to learn about the powerful language of the Christian people. 

6. Know that there may not be a physical product for their “work” that day, because some of what they are learning cannot be put into words even by adults. In Godly Play, we focus on our relationships with God, the depth of relationships in the community of children, and learning how to use the Christian language to make meaning of our experiences. 

7. Understand that some days we will choose not to include all of the parts of the lesson. In Godly Play we believe that we have “all the time we need,” and it is more important to respond to the needs of the children than to stick to a strict schedule. Some weeks, children will join their parents in the service at the beginning before joining us for Godly Play. Skipping a particular piece of the lesson is not a punishment, it is an intentional decision made for the benefit of the entire group based on the time available. 

8. Inform the teachers about any allergies, food restrictions and special support we can offer your child before you leave. 

9. Pick up your children at the end of the session. We will not release children without the presence of their parent/guardian. 

10. Support the program by learning more about Godly Play. You may attend our next “Godly Play Taster” for parents.  The environment is a critical part of the curriculum, and knowing more about the way things are set up will help you connect with your child about what happens there. Always email or call if you have questions or concerns! 

All Ages

10:30 am Service

Toddler Ministry (0 – 4 years)

Godly Play Circle (JK to Grade 8)  

Godly Play Youth Circle (Grade 5 to 12 on select weeks)