All are encouraged to participate

Week of Guided Prayer:
Called to Community
April 30 to May 7, 2023

Week of Guided Prayer:
Your Questions, Answered

Week of Guided Prayer is a retreat experience in the midst of daily life. It involves taking time to reflect on a scripture passage that will be sent to you each morning, and sharing some time talking it over with another person. You don’t have to take time off work or put your life on hold for a week in order to be involved. You can participate fully simply by making some tweaks in your schedule for this one special week.

Week of Guided Prayer is an opportunity for all to grow closer to God through scripture reading and prayer. It is an open invitation to learn to listen to God’s calling in each of our own lives. What is God speaking to you at this time?

No. You can pray however you wish. You may choose to participate in the week with an assigned companion, with a friend or on your own. You can choose to participate in the experience in the way that suits you best.

There is absolutely no experience required and all are encouraged to participate. The week begins with a Sunday service (in person and online) where everyone will learn together what it means to pray scripture. There will be suggestions offered on different ways to engage during the week.

Not necessarily. There are three different ways to participate:

1. As a retreatant. You will register online and be paired with a trained companion, receive a package of materials and be invited to a closing session for retreatants. Suggested donation of $25.

2. With a friend of your choice. You will set times to meet with your friend (in person, by phone or online) and share the experience together. No need to register.

3. On your own. You can fully engage in the experience on your own, if that is your preference. No need to register.

There is a general guideline to spend an hour each day (30 minutes on your own, plus 30 minutes with a companion or friend). If this feels like more time than you can spare, consider ways you can fit reflective time into your existing schedule: during your commute to work, while taking a shower or bath, by turning off the TV a bit earlier in the evening, during your lunch break.

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Week of Guided Prayer: Called to Community invites us to live – to be in relationship with God, one another, and the world – as a reflection of the image of God: we are called to community. We will explore what it means to be community in the image of God, through this guided prayer retreat.

We will reflect upon the struggles and challenges that we encounter as we engage in life as well as ponder how relationships grow as we deepen our connections with each other though our willingness to trust and be vulnerable. In the end we will celebrate in the knowledge that the God of love, in whose image we are created, encourages us and feeds our spirits through our interconnectedness.

Commitment to Week of Guided Prayer involves three things:

1. Attending an opening session following worship on Sunday, April 30 from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm. The session will include instruction on praying scripture.

2. For each day of the retreat week, from Monday to Friday, spending 30 minutes praying scripture at home, and then meeting for another 30 minutes with an assigned “prayer companion” in person or online.

3. Attending a closing session on Sunday, May 7 from 9:30 to 10:30 am, followed by worship.

Week of Guided Prayer is led by Rev. Maya Landell and Stephen Leader Dale Kucharczyk.