What is the "This Is Us" Project?

My name is Rev. Adam Hanley and I am an Volunteer Associate Minister at Islington United Church (IUC).


As part of my own continuing education with the Interim Ministry Network, I am inviting members of the Islington United Community to help with my project, “This Is Us,” to build a history timeline for Islington United.


As a member of the church, you are invited to virtually share the heritage of IUC by storytelling together.

What is the purpose?

The aim is to gather your personal remembering and your recollection of important moments in the life of the congregation.


We are not trying to recreate the “official history” published previously, but rather your lived experience.

Where can I find the timeline?

The timeline can be found at https://padlet.com/hanleyad/iuchistory. 

Visit the timeline to add your entries. Include the date and topic as well as a title for your entry. There is space to add text, photos and videos when sharing your story.

What should I write?

Not sure what to write? Here are some suggestions:

> What was the community like at the time? What was happening in the neighbourhood?

> What was the congregation like? Size? Worship style? How were decisions made?

> What were significant events? Who were significant people?

Is there a deadline for posting?

Members of the Islington United Church community will be invited to add to the timeline until October 24, 2021.


This short introductory video will show you how to add your stories to the “This Is Us” timeline.

What will happen next?

At the end of this exercise, a copy of the timeline will be shared with Church Council. A sample of that document can be found here.

This summary may be helpful to the congregation in developing a Community of Faith Profile, which can then be shared regularly with Shining Waters Regional Council.

Why does my story matter?

The more stories and memories that are added, the richer and deeper this story of our congregation will be. This exercise in sharing the heritage stories of the congregation will be helpful as the visioning process continues. As we week to answer questions about where God is leading us into the future, it’s important to tell the story of the how God has led the congregation over the last 200 years.