Everyone is invited to “drive thru” between 5:00 and 7:00 pm, turning into the one way circular drive from Burnhamthorpe Road to see the lights and nativity display. In front of the new playground, beside the Chapel entrance, my family bubble will be masked and handing out Advent packages using a basket on the end of a decorated Christmas shovel!

The Advent packages have been prepared by the Hospitality team and the Faith Formation team well in advance to sit waiting, virus-free, for people to receive them at Light Up the Night this Sunday. Each package contain an Advent calendar, prayer, Christmas Eve candle and homemade cookie treats.

From your car, and wearing your masks, roll down your car window to receive your package at a safe distance via the basket at the end of the Christmas shovel. Financial donations for Youth Without Shelter can be returned in the same basket. Bring a non-paper ornament from home, drop it in the basket and we’ll place it on the tree for the neighbourhood to enjoy. (You can also bring your ornament at another time.)

Rev. Maya Landell will be broadcasting via Facebook Live starting at 5:00 pm. Join us on right here or on Facebook to watch!