It’s easy to participate. Have a look at the products, make your choices, and follow the steps on the order form to place your order. All orders and payments are due by June 11 at 9 pm. Pickup will be at Islington United Church with COVID-19 protocols in place. You will be contacted and given a pickup time between 5:30 and 6:30 pm.

It’s finally BBQ season, and the perfect time to stock up on meats and seafood products for outdoor grilling, while also supporting Islington United Church.

By ordering top-quality BBQ staples through the Islington United fundraiser, you get an amazing grilling experience and Islington benefits be receiving part of the proceeds of your purchase.

But let’s be clear. These aren’t just grocery store meats and seafood. These are the very  same products supplied to high-end restaurants, including such exclusive brands as Certified Angus Beef®, Niman Ranch® and Organic Ocean Seafood®.

When you place an order as part of the Let’s Get Grilling BBQ Fundraiser, you get at least three benefits:

1. You’ll receive a restaurant-quality product you can prepare at home.
2. You’ll feel good about shopping at a local, family-owned business.
3. You’ll feel even better knowing you are supporting Islington United Church with your purchase.