Kinder Chorus

Children aged 3-7 years

Kinder Chorus is a brand new music program at Islington United Church, geared toward children aged approximately 3-7. It will focus on the development of foundational musical skills, such as rhythm, melody and movement, while building community and confidence through fun!

Kinder Chorus will be run by Cynthia Smithers and a group of wonderful volunteers. This is a free program with no registration fee.

Cynthia Smithers (she/her),
Director of Children and Youth Choruses

Cynthia recently joined the IUC staff team as the Children and Family Ministries Coordinator. She is a versatile singer, dancer and actor with classical and music theater training. Cynthia has performed across North America and Europe with many reputable companies such as The Stratford Festival and The Salzburg Festival. She has a Bachelor’s degree in music and a Master’s Degree in Musicology. When she’s taking a break from singing, Cynthia can be found playing soccer or baking!

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