We are called into our neighbourhoods and beyond, to live in community, and to help reveal the vision of justice — "to make right" — and outreach — "beyond ourselves." We turn to the words of John1:14 found in The Message version of the Bible: "The word became flesh and moved into the neighbourhood." There are many opportunities to both learn and get involved.

Including and offering community to all regardless of age, gender, income and ability.

Acting as responsible stewards for the earth to reduce our environmental impact.

Creating and fostering relationships and understanding across different faiths.

Building community by responding directly to alleviate food insecurity.

Directing our gifts to support the wider mission of the United Church in Canada and overseas.

Providing meals and companionship for the homeless during the cold weather months.

Sponsoring and supporting newcomers to Canada who are fleeing their home countries.

Educating and advocating for meaningful relations with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.