The Resonance Project: Chair Pilates

Event details

  • Sunday | March 7, 2021
  • 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Lily McEvenue, professional pilates instructor, will guide us through an accessible movement sequence designed to realign the spine, and centre joint systems.

Through breath work, gentle movement, and light stretching, we will learn to release areas of tension in the body while achieving greater joint stability.

Get a chair and two light hand weights or soup cans ready for this restorative movement class. No experience necessary and all are welcome!

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Meeting ID: 821 4122 1930

Lily McEvenue,

Lily McEvenue discovered the Pilates Method while she was training as a professional dancer. As a performing artist she has used the method for cross training and injury prevention. Lily completed her official certification with The Sagrario Pilates studio in 2016, and furthered her therapeutic pilates knowledge with The Pilates Process studio.

Lily’s teaching combines traditional pilates, with research in biomechanics and fascial movement, as well as techniques from The Franklin Method. She uses her knowledge and experience as a dancer to make movement a wellness tool for pain management, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning.

Lily runs her own teaching business, HomePilates, alongside her career as a dancer and actor.