For decades, Islington United Church (IUC) has believed in supporting the development and growth of children and youth through the gift of singing. IUC is relaunching its choral program in the fall of 2021 and is excited to invite all children and youth from the wider Islington community to come and be a part of the fun!

Islington United Church is an affirming space that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity and gifts of each young person. The program itself is supported by the church community and all children and youth are welcomed to attend free-of-charge.

The Choruses

The IUC Choral Program includes three choruses: Kinder Chorus, Children's Chorus and Youth Chorus.

Kinder Chorus is geared toward children aged 3 to 7 years.

Children’s Chorus is a program for those aged 7 to 12 years. 

Youth Chorus is for pre-teens and teens aged 12 to 18 years.

our Leadership Team

Our three choruses are directed by a talented, experienced leadership team with specialities in a range of musical styles.

Cynthia Smithers (she/her)

Director of Choral Program

Cynthia recently joined the IUC staff team as the Children and Family Ministries Coordinator. She is a versatile singer, dancer and actor with classical and music theater training. Cynthia has performed across North America and Europe with many reputable companies such as The Stratford Festival and The Salzburg Festival. She has a Bachelor’s degree in music and a Master’s Degree in Musicology. When she’s taking a break from singing, Cynthia can be found playing soccer or baking!

David Walsh (he/him)

Children’s Chorus Associate

David discovered his love for singing in high school and knows the true delight of developing one’s own voice. He is currently studying opera performance at the University of Toronto, sings with the Orpheus Choir of Toronto and is the tenor lead at Islington United Church. 


David is an avid cyclist and often practices while riding. If you encounter a singing blur of red hair riding past you, that was probably David!

Jason Locke (he/him)

Minister of Music

Having grown up surrounded by music on the east coast, Jason is passionate about creating fun, accessible and quality opportunities for children to grow as young musicians. He has many years of experience as a camp counsellor, summer music camp director, elementary school band teacher and community choir director. He is also a dedicated private music instructor. Jason has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Master’s of Sacred Music in Composition from the University of Toronto. He is proficient in keyboard, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. Jason is currently spending his weekends teaching his rescue puppy, Toby, how to howl in tune!

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