AFFIRM IUC Merchant Gift Cards

Everyone Needs a Lift!

Shopping Helps Buy the IUC Chairlift


The Affirm Team, with Church Council approval, initiated a fund raising campaign to make Scout Hall and the hallway to the children's programs accessible to all. The Affirm Ministry has committed to a barrier-free building and with your help we will be able to purchase and install a chairlift to make mobility possible for people who use Scout Hall, as well as build and install a ramp to access the lower level.

This initiative is increasingly important since Islington has signed onto rEcess. The rEcess program is for children with special needs and their siblings - one of only three such programs in Canada. rEcess is unique because it gives parents a “timeout” while it gives all kids a chance to let loose and have fun together. The program is ge
nerally open to children aged 0 to 13 years. Scout Hall and other rooms on the children's level of the building will be used for this program.

Our fundraising goal is $45,000. This includes purchase of the chairlift, preparation of the site, installation of the lift, and building and installing the ramp to provide
access to the lower level.

Our method of fundraising is easy and simple: you buy a merchant gift card at IUC for everyday shopping items such as groceries, restaurants, gasoline, entertainment, clothing and more. A percentage of the cost of each card is returned to the church. Islington has used this method of fundraising in the past to great success.

Buy a card next time you are at coffee time in Stewart East Hall, from the church office, or by contacting CarrieChenier, or PeggySheffield,

Observer Is Now Broadview

More Great News and Features

New Name. New Look. More Pages


Starting in May, The United Church Observer will be renamed Broadview. It will retain the very best of The Observer with a refreshed design and 16 more pages!

Only $25 for an annual subscription that delivers so much more than you expected. To renew or start your subscription, drop off your payment at the church office.

Please make cheques payable to Islington United Church. For more information contact Leslee Armstrong at 416-239-1131 x230 or

Gold Party

Kash for Karats

Gold Party
Kash for Karats

Thursday, April 4 @ 7:00 pm

A Gold Party is a chance for you to turn your unwanted gold into cash. A representative from the company, Gold Party Princess, will evaluate your gold and offer you money on the spot. You will actually go home with cash. How good is that? You can sell all karats of gold: yellow, white, pink and green. They also buy platinum and sterling silver (925 or higher).  You can sell new and used single earrings, broken & dented jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, coins, silver spoons, etc., anything you don't want, or as Marie Kondo would say, “no longer sparks joy!”

If you aren’t sure of the authenticity of your pieces, bring them anyway. Jewelry that is set with stones is acceptable and they will offer a price for the piece as is or you can have the stones removed prior to the party. You are under no obligation to sell your jewelry if you change your mind. For more information, contact Val Greenfield:  416-621-3656. or


Make a Friend Instantly

Why You Need to Wear Your Name Badge

Wearing a name badge at Islington reflects our values of being an open and welcoming community. A name badge is:

1. A permission slip to talk to someone new.
2. A sign of friendliness and openness.
3. A worry-reducer – the other person can relax about remembering your name.
4. A reminder to be open and transparent.
5. An invitation to connect and build relationship.

Name badges are available to order this Sunday after both services in Stewart East Hall, or by emailing Murray Wood: Suggested donation is $10.00.


Sponsor and Dedicate A Colour Bulletin

Colour Makes A Difference

A dedication in the bulletin is a lovely way to recognize a special occasion or person in your life. Your donation will include a highlighted announcement and the bulletin and announcements printed in full colour for that week. If you'd like to learn more, contact Leslee Armstrong inthe church office (416-239-1131 x230;

Monday & Friday Meditations

Mondays @ 7:00 pm; 2nd & 4th Friday @ 3:00 pm

Mediation with James
Every Monday @ 7 pm &
2nd & 4th Friday @ 3 pm

in the Chapel

We are pleased to be resuming our weekly meditations and wish to extend the invitation to anyone who is curious. Come join us for quiet breath-centred meditation, guided by gentle reminders. Let yourself relax and release what you no longer need, all the while anchoring yourself more deeply in your heart. Feel free to come and check it out.  No experience is required.

All are welcome!

In March...

Support Islington’s Food Programs

Support Islington’s Food Programs

In March please donate canned fruit for our Mabelle Food Program and Emergency Food Pantry. This will help supplement the food provided by the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Place your donations in the Food Bank Box in the Narthex or outside the church office.

Thank you for your generous and ongoing support to this program!

Grand River Luncheon and Cruise

A Good Company Event

Cruise the Grand River
June 12 5:30 - 10 pm

Just 56 tickets are available for the Good Company June cruise event.  Tickets are $100 and include bus transportation, lunch, entertainment and delightful day on the river. Tickets available in Stewart East Hall.  Bus departs IUC at 9 am.

Winter Bible Study

Tuesday Morning 2 @ 10:30 am


Come and Join Us for
Winter Bible Study

Join Rev. Young Rhee in the KRT room on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 am for discovery, exploration, community and fellowship.

Every Tuesday @ 10:30 am
in the KRT Room

All are welcome!


Calling All Photographers

We Want Your Pictures

We want your pictures!

The Church is active on Facebook and Twitter. In order to post fresh content we need your pictures! 

Please bring your camera to Church events and snap away! Send us your pictures to post on the website, Facebook and Twitter by emailing them to


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