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Updates on This Year's Giving Garden

How Islington's Giving Garden is Progressing

Next Up
Harvesting:  Wed. Jun 19th, 9 to 11 am
Planting New Boxes:  Sat. Jun 22nd, 9 am to Noon


Although there are still repairs going on around us, we are ready to install three new 4’x4’ garden boxes for veggies and a new 2’x2’ potato box (we hope to build a supply of organic potatoes for fall Out-of-the Cold program).  To do this, we’ve acquired more garden fabric and triple mix:  vermiculite, peat & compost.  Several of our grids are also being repaired this week.  Time allowing, we’ll also be installing a new bat box, trimming the adjacent oak tree and disassembling the seed nursery in the Youth Room!

See schedules on SignUp for:


Saturday June 8th
Prepping the Boxes

Repaired damaged boxes
Cleaned-up composters
Topped-up boxes and planted S. chard & lettuce
Re-installed grids on boxes, the large zucchini trellis & our dual rain barrel system
Thanks to Gail, Ed, Geoff, Lindy, Dennis & Bob C. for building new boxes & grids for us!


Wednesday June 5th
Harvesting the Greens

For the Mabelle Daily Bread Food Program, we harvested:
21 bags of chives
30 bags of kale
36 bags of fresh oregano
Total weight:  4.7 kg.

Thanks to Peter D., Ed & Dennis!


Sunday, June 2nd
Prep & Potatoes

Weeded & cleared roofing debris from boxes & garden area
Topped-up six more boxes with compost (some from our own composters)
Fastened grids to boxes
Planted two potato boxes

Thanks to Geoff, Dennis & Peter T.!

Tuesday, May 28th
Re-compost & Transplant

• Refilled & composted six boxes (two new, including new grids)
• Trans-planted from our indoor seedling nursery:
♦ 48 cabbages
♦ 64 S. Chard
♦128 lettuce & kale

• Rerouted damaged downspouts over garden

Thanks to John M. & Geoff!

Saturday, May 22nd
First Harvest & Transplant

For the Mabelle Daily Bread Food Program, we harvested:
45 bags of green onions (including a large number from Dennis’ backyard!)
Total weight:  6.1 kg.
Thanks to Carson, Lindy & Dennis!

Saturday, May 4th
Replant & Repair
•  Transplanted more Kale outside to four lower boxes
•  Replanted Lettuce & Swiss chard seedlings inside
•  Installed grids on all eight lower boxes outside

Thanks to Dennis, John Mc., Ed & John W.!


Saturday, April 20th
Thinning & Transplanting
•  Thinned Lettuce, cabbage, swiss chard & tomato  seedlings
•  Replanted missing vegetables & herbs
•  Watered, repositioned trays & lighting
•  Transplanted kale to four outdoor boxes

Thanks to James, Geoff, Ed, Dennis, Larry & Carson!


Saturday, April 13th
Box Build

Replanted all cabbage & parsley jiffy pot
Assembled two new outdoor garden boxes, several wooden grids & squares for a new potato box


Thanks to Hugh, Ed, Dennis, Bob & Geoff!

Sunday, March 24th
Seedy Sunday

Set-up a seedling nursery under lights (7am–11pm)
Planted 1,100 seedlings:  Lettuce, Cabbage, Swiss Chard, Parsley, Thyme, Tomato & Basil
Established an on-line volunteer schedule using the SignUp website

Thanks to 30 children, youth and adults that came to help out!

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