For almost 200 years Islington United has been a place where people have come to make their commitment of love before family, friends and God. Our beautiful sanctuary in the heart of historical Islington Village (central Etobicoke) can create the prefect atmosphere for your special day.

What is more, we can help you with the preparation of your vows, the selection of readings and even with music to personalize your wedding and help make your day unique. An experienced member of our ministerial team would be pleased to conduct your wedding service. We also offer an optional Marriage Preparation Program that will help your marriage become a beautiful and happy union (see our Marriage Preparation Program below).

At Islington we celebrate all marriages, including those of couples of all sexual orientations and gender identities, previously divorced people and couples of different religions. For more information and/or to arrange a wedding at Islington United Church please contact our Wedding Coordinator, Margaret Leet at 905-849-0944 or by e-mail at


Marriage Preparation Program

Choosing a life partner and getting married is one of the most important and exciting stages of a person's life. Being married brings joy, shared experiences, responsibilities, and occasionally, conflict. According to research, common problem areas are finances, division of household responsibilities, sexual incompatibility and family issues.

The Islington United Church Marriage Preparation Program helps engaged and newlywed couples examine their own expectations in each of those areas and explore healthy ways of communicating, resolving conflict, and working together in a partnership that is loving, supportive and happy. For more information concerning our Marriage Preparation Program please contact Re. Maya Landell at  416-239-1131 Ext. 23 or email Maya at

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