Sunday Worship Service - March 5, 2023 at 10:30 am


Dear Friends,

A life of Faith is an experience of seeking — seeking God in the world, seeking the good, seeking a deeper truth. We seek our way through prayer. We seek our way into scriptures where over and over, people ask questions. Jesus asks questions. The crowds ask questions. Everyone seems to be looking for something deeper, and it is that honest curiosity that allows them to run into the Divine.

This week, let’s get curious with these scriptures: John 3:1-17 and Genesis 12:1-4. In John, Nicodemus comes to Jesus under the veil of night to ask him big faith questions. Jesus invites him to begin again, to learn a new way of knowing and living out his faith. In Genesis, God commands Abram and Sarai to leave everything—their home, their family, their land—to seek the land of Canaan and begin again. At 75 years old, Abram & Sarai are called to start over, but through this new beginning, God creates a new family and a new nation. Like Nicodemus, what are the questions we ask in the dark? Like Abram and Sarai, how do we follow God’s calling to begin again?

May these songs prepare you for Sunday’s experience of worship. Listen to: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, and A New Day by Danny Gokey.

See you Sunday.

God bless,

Rev. Maya

In Person

You may sit anywhere you wish without restrictions. When attending worship during this busy season, we encourage you to wear a mask. As a community of caring, we wear a mask to protect others who may be more vulnerable than ourselves.

Consider keeping a mask handy when you engage in conversation with someone else. If you’re feeling unwell, we encourage you to please care for yourself at home and join us online.

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