Sunday Worship Service - November 20, 2022 at 10:30 am


This week is the cusp between Ordinary time in the church year and Advent, and this Sunday is known around the world as Reign of Christ Sunday.

On November 20 we will explore K is for Kingdom in Sara Jewell’s Alphabet of Faith. May our ideas about the power of this way of Jesus be rooted in kindness, compassion, and humility.

Also this Sunday we will gather at the Lord’s Table to celebrate Holy Communion. If you are attending Sunday’s service online, please come prepared with communion elements – whatever represents the Bread of Life and Cup of Blessing for you. I look forward to seeing you in person or online.

In Christ’s service,

Rev. Maya 


You may sit anywhere you wish without restrictions. Your can wear a mask or not while attending worship, but a mask is encouraged.


If you choose not to or unable to attend in-person, we are very happy to have you join us online. Simply click on the white arrow below at 10:30 am on Sunday morning, or anytime after.

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