This Holy Week offering is an invitation to slow down, pause, and be still as we journey ever closer to the Mystery of Easter. We will do this by opening ourselves to wonder in an all-ages storytelling experience themed for the season.

Please join us, in person in the Sanctuary, or online from wherever you may be, for a quiet, contemplative storytelling experience offered by Pastor Amy Crawford and Children and Families Ministry Coordinator, Cynthia Smithers.

The Godly Play story, “Jesus and Jerusalem,” uses a 3D hand-carved, wooden map of Jerusalem to tell of the events of Holy Week in a way that will challenge you to reflect on Jesus’ last days with new insight and wonder.

We hope you will join us to experience a full Godly Play session, something that holds value for all ages. Come to listen, come to wonder, come to pray.

If possible, aim to arrive a few minutes before 7:00 pm to get yourself settled into the space.

Godly Play Story for All | 7:00 pm

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