Maya’s Daily Message (December 22, 2021)

Dear Islington United Church Community,

We continue to pivot and take leadership that invites the spirit of Emmanuel, God with Us, to be present, wherever and however we are. The theme of Close to Home has lived out in each of our lives in so many ways the past 25 days, ever since we began on November 28. This is especially true for those among us who have had loved ones become sick or had a close call with illness ourselves these past days. I keep reminding myself we are all doing our best, and there are so many layers to each of our stories.

As your lead minister, I will continue to speak words of hope, peace, joy and love into this community, and trust that God will reveal them in each of our lives. Pick the one you need the most, and focus your prayers on it this week – we need each other, we need to remember the things that matter most, we need to set our intention towards Bethlehem and the birth of the One who is Christmas. The One who is Christmas is also the One who is Easter; that gift of Jesus will sustain us in the months ahead.

Christ’s love and sincere care, God Bless us everyone,
Rev. Maya

For those of you who are already leaning into Christmas, may this gift of music from Deborah Park, Music Director at Fairview United Church, help you prepare for Christmas Eve.