Lenten Devotional 2021: Day 47

Sunday, April 4 – Easter – The Uprising Begins – By Maya Landell

Luke 24:1-3

It was on the Sunday
that the uprising began

At dawn,
Before the sun had risen,
some women
who are part of our movement
went to the tomb to
Properly care for the body of our Lord.

When they arrived
they had a vision of two angels.
Mary says she saw Jesus,
but we think it was just the gardener.

The gardener!
What a place to be buried –
A grave in a garden!
A bed of death in a bed of life.

The women came and told the disciples.
Peter and John ran ahead,
but the tomb was empty,
burial clothes folded.

What was rising up?

We all speculated
But none of us knew what to think.
We decided to go back home.

That’s where we are now
Walking on the road back home.
Wondering now what?

Maya Landell, inspired by Brian D. McLaren, “The Uprising Begins” in We Make the Road by Walking (Oxford: Jericho Books, 2014), 167-71.