A Message from Rev. Maya Landell (March 12, 2021)

Hello Islington United Community,

As we mark one year since the pandemic was officially declared, we are remembering those we’ve lost this year, and our individual losses. As a community I know that, for some of you, there is a sadness that things have changed so much. I also thought it might lift your spirits to see what is at work within our building. Things are safer, more accessible, brighter and will meet our health and safety needs. Our work is not yet done, but lots has been accomplished.

As you watch this video of the interior of our building, see if you can spot the following things:

  • temporary clear Mylar screens in the sanctuary to protect worship leaders
  • rooms in short-term use while the Church Office is being renovated
  • renovated Church Office including a security window overlooking the corridor and a new office for the Manager of Operations, Laurie Lyle
  • new automated doors for improved accessibility and security on both the upper and lower levels
  • new clear windows throughout the Stewart East Hall wing, upstairs and down
  • a new kitchen that meets health and building code requirements
  • classroom space that the German International School Toronto (GIST) has refitted under Stewart East Hall for its exclusive use
  • refreshed spaces that Islington will be sharing with GIST including Scout Hall and the Youth Room

We are not alone. We will be together again one day. For now, may this prayer sustain us as we mark a year of physically being apart,

Love, Rev. Maya