Lenten Devotional 2021: Day 11

Saturday, February 27 – Selected by Jason Locke – Psalm 121

Porter’s Gate:     Establish the Work of Our Hands

Brooklyn Tab:     Psalm 121 (My Help)

UCC:                 Cry No More  Timothy Eaton UC, Toronto; Music Director: Dr. Elaine Choi

For each of the next five Saturdays, you will get a chance to experience three music YouTube videos selected by Jason Locke, our Minister of Music. Jason has drawn from three different resources pools described below.

The scripture for the day will feature the Psalm performed by the award-winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Prayer: God of lyric and song, Thank you for the gift of music and its potential to bring us closer to you. Thank you for those who create it and those whom perform it and those who receive it. May watching these videos be a prayer experience to which we can return again and again. Amen

The Porter’s Gate:
The Porter’s Gate was founded to help worship leaders respond theologically to the pressing questions of our times through the writing of new worship songs and the creation of new liturgical resources. Their third and fourth records (Justice Songs and Lament Songs) were released in September 2020, during the pandemic crisis. Co-founder Megan Wardell writes: “We wanted to release as many songs as we were able to record for use by churches in a time where worship leaders are looking for songs and liturgical resources that give expression to the unusual and troubling circumstances of 2020 that our congregants and neighbors are experiencing…”

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir:
The six-time Grammy Award winning choir of the now famous Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York City, USA. Known for its rich cultural diversity and deep dedication to sharing the love of God through the medium of music. Their faith expression lands in a more charismatic tradition: the songs are immersive and often include the personal experiences and testimonies of its members.

United Church of Canada:
This is a series of pieces recorded by United Churches in the city of Toronto. Our larger United Church has so much to offer to us – YouTube channels are filling up with wonderful resources, songs, sermons and worship services.