A Message from Rev. Maya Landell (November 6, 2020)

The Passing of Dale Pringle

It is with a tender heart that I share with our community the sad news of Dale Pringle’s death. Here are Colleen Pringle’s words that honour him.

I am heartbroken to announce that the man I love, my soul mate, Dale Pringle, passed peacefully into the next realm. With love surrounding him, he took his final breath on Wednesday, November 4 at 4:53 pm. He was not afraid. He went on his own terms. He had me, Ivy, his other daughter, Meagan, and our brother in faith, James Aitchison, holding him and loving him. He knew that he was “Going to see (his) Dad” who passed away February 26, 2020.

Please hold us and the rest of Dale’s family (there are many) in loving prayer as we find our way into this new phase of our lives, as we will hold all of you as well.

Details regarding the visitation (likely to be held on Monday, November 9) to follow. A more formal service and burial will follow in the spring.

Please share this message with whomever you think might want to know.

Colleen Pringle



Thoughts from Rev. Maya

Painting by Nancy Raithby

TGIF: We are all navigating and experiencing the emotions and anxiety of the United States election and other world events, the inconsistency of messaging from our own political leaders on how to respond as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, as well as the juggle of our community, family and personal needs. When words fail me, artists and poets help.

Thank you to Nancy Raithby for her painting of the poppy to centre us in peace. I would also like you to experience the following prayer video from theworkofthepeople.com. The work of these liturgical artists is inspiring, timely and has sustained me in these last few weeks.




May Peace Become You

We continue to look for signs of hope in the beginnings and endings, the Mabelle Food Program continues to feed this community and they need 60 EGG CARTONS/WEEK (please start saving yours and, when you have a bundle, contact the office at office@islingtonunited.org).

Another hopeful note: Although we are sad to bid farewell to Nora Sanders in her role as Executive Secretary of The United Church of Canada, we are pleased welcome Michael Blair to this position. IUC was graced with his worship leadership and preaching at the celebration of 40 years of refugee support just last fall. We join with the Black Clergy Network in prayer for the beginning of his leadership.