Sunday June 7, 2020


We are so grateful to have you join us online for Sunday Worship Service, on June 7, followed by “Good News” with Rev. Maya Landell.

This Sunday we will celebrate communion together online. Please bring your bread and grape juice, wine or beverage of your choice to join with us. As the service unfolds, break your bread, pour your juice and share this meal.

June is Pride month as well as being our re-commitment to being an Affirming congregation of the United Church Of Canada.

We will fly the pride flag for the month of June as one sign of Affirm and our commitment to God’s way of radical love, revealed in Jesus, a person of colour and fueled by the “spirit of justice” which calls us to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Sunday June 7, 2020
10:15 AM – Pre-Worship Music
10:30 AM – Sunday Worship Service
11:40 AM – “Good News” with Rev. Maya Landell

Sunday Worship Service | 10:30 AM

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"Good News" with Rev. Maya Landell | 11:40 AM

Welcome to “Good News” with Rev. Maya Landell, streamed live from Facebook right here following service at 11:40 am. If you have a Facebook account and would like to view/participate in the “live conversation” click and go to:

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