Piano Meditation with Jason: Holy One, Fall Afresh On Us

Holy One, Fall Afresh On Us

1. Come, O Fount of Every Blessing (NETTLETON)
2. As Water to the Thirsty (OASIS)
3. Spirit of the Living God (LIVING GOD)
4. Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise (ST DENIO)
5. I, the Lord of Sea and Sky (HERE I AM, LORD)

Piano: Jason Locke
Audio/Lighting: Thom Varey
Video: Robert Picard

Piano Meditations is a collection of improvised piano sessions recorded at Islington United Church (Toronto), in the Spring of 2020. During this time of uncertainty and challenge, music can be a soothing balm for our worried minds and troubled hearts. Each session is a series of continuous-play hymns & songs used in the Christian tradition – but offered here for all people from every walk of life. As you listen may the music inspire you to moments of hope, peace and joy. Perhaps this will be a vehicle for quiet meditation, a moment for you to sing-along or even just some music to play in the background while spending extra time at home. Jason Locke