A Message from Rev. Maya Landell (May 22, 2020)

Dear Friends,

On this Friday, a sign of new life from Val Greenfield and Jim Corbett’s house where a robin family has made a home on their vines.

I’m grateful to Val and Jim for sharing this wonder and beauty with us.

Please enjoy this weekend safely as we welcome the sunshine and the way it brings forth further signs of new life.

As we pray and plan for the “new normal,” thank you for contributing to the survey that went out on Wednesday (if you missed it here is the link). Your voice matters. You are all important parts of this church family.

As I hold our community daily in prayer, I leave you with a prayer for all of us to pray this weekend.

Rev. Maya

A Prayer for Local Community
We pray for the places where we live: our own local communities of people who never choose one another but are nonetheless interconnected
In a delicate balance of public and private, of services and shops, schools and streets,
Of events and concerns.
We pray for the public-spirited, for local activists, for noisy neighbours and for those who hide in lonely rooms.
These people,
These activities,
They are your gift to us
And we are your gift to them.
Thank you, Living God!

Brian Woodcock, 50 New prayers from the Iona Community