A Message from Rev. Maya Landell (May 15, 2020)

Dear Friends,

“Social Isolation without Spiritual Isolation” – that was the timely title of an email from Steve Tower. With his message he attached this amazing picture of Elizabeth Tower. Remember that old Coca-Cola slogan? “It’s the real thing.” What a good reminder that in these times: Jesus is the real thing.

Also, I love the posture of Elizabeth in this picture; rain or shine, I hope on this long weekend you have a chance to rest, pray, reflect, and connect with God, yourself and others. We will do that online this Sunday at our 10:30 am service, followed with “Passing the Peace and Good News” live on the Islington website and Facebook.

We continue to pray through this pandemic time, and hold out compassion and care for those who are grieving. Last week we lit a candle for Lorraine Methven’s mother, Aileen (http://www.brockandvisser.com/obituary/Aileen-Murray).

I invite you to join me today, and every, Friday at 10 am for a time of pastoral care and connection. Simply click here to join. If you need help, send an email and we will get you connected.

If you are struggling with the fact that you can’t “go away” for the long weekend, I wanted to invite you into “going deeper” with reflection. Pattie Aitchison shared with me this workbook to help us reflect on how we are living in these uncertain times. We share this to support your own resilience and to share as a tool with others.

This week Jason and I will be on study leave, attending the Festival of Homiletics (for the first time ever attending from home!). At this festival preachers from around the world gather to share their gifts. You are also invited to attend as well (free-of-charge) every afternoon next week. Just click here to register or click here to see the schedule. James is on-call for Emergency Pastoral care. During this week Jason and I will also work on plans for summer worship and gather ideas for the fall.
I leave you with one of the daily prayers from Corrymeela Centre.

Blessings on your weekend,

Rev. Maya

Prayers for Community in a Time of Pandemic
“God of our finite selves, God of our inward life: unable to venture out, our worlds could grow much smaller. And yet our path with you can also lead deep into our inmost parts, to knitted secrets we have yet unwound, to hidden thoughts that you will love. Give us courage to explore these darker, personal realms, so that the broader peace we hope to build might rest upon a peace within.” Amen.