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A Message from Rev. Maya Landell (May 1, 2020)

Dear Friends,
This week I’m so grateful that James will be preaching, and I will be presiding. We continue to work hard to provide worship, with gratitude for the Arts and Environment (A&E) team, the Communications team, the Sound and Video team, and the Ministry team.
Following Sunday’s service, please stay on the website just a little longer following the postlude, and the video from Facebook live will come up. This is the place where we will Pass the Peace, share news from our community, light candles for people who have died, and honour stories that have touched our hearts with good news.
It is amazing to think that today is May Day (May 1) and a new month is beginning.
The story for this Sunday is the story of Doubting Thomas (see the comic, above). Look up John 20:24–29 to read that story again. We look at it from the point of view of the disciples who were knowing Jesus in a new way after Easter. The story reminds us that we are known in the doubt. When anxiety is high, when information around us keeps changing, when fear creeps in, when the future is unknown, when people are sick, when loved ones die, it is okay, it is normal to ask big questions, to wonder out loud as Thomas did, to recognize the places we are just not sure.
This story invites us to take one step into trust, to set a boundary and to make space to see in a new way. It has been speaking into my own life story right now as I, too, have moments of doubt in my various roles — as a daughter, mother, partner, daughter-in-law, minister, friend, neighbour, leader, teammate, citizen.
Some days I feel like I am on the right track in a few areas, and yet off the rails in others. Thomas’ story reminds me that it’s okay to stand and question and be seen by a wounded Christ, a friend who sees our scars, our vulnerability, our doubt and offers, “Peace be with you. Do not be afraid. See the story written on my wounds. Reach out and know me in a new way.” It’s a story about relationship and love that ties us together.
I leave you with this quote:
Holding this community through Christ’s love. Looking forward to being with you virtually on Sunday.
Bless you,
Rev. Maya