Generosity Abounds!

Dear Friends,

A member of our church family shared a story this week of being at the pharmacy and witnessing a customer buying up all the children’s Tylenol on the shelf. A woman behind her was begging for just one bottle for her sick child at home and being denied because the other customer was there first.

Our hearts break when scarcity and fear win over compassion and generosity. And our hearts leap with Joy when we experience Christ’s abundant love through the sincere care of the Mabelle Food Program leaders, the deep faith of our Lenten devotional writers, families engaging God through creative arts online, youth laughing, talking and praying together online at youth group, 450 people gathering in individual homes for worship, and people offering to call, order and deliver things to people need.

The building may be closed, but the church is open wide with compassion and generosity.

Islington staff and volunteers are putting in extra time and effort to respond to the needs of the congregation, and especially those of the most vulnerable. We want to continue our ministries as best we can in these unprecedented times. Without our practice of generous financial giving through weekly offering, we are quickly heading toward a financial emergency. Now is the time to fight scarcity and fear by acting with compassion and faithful generosity.

Please give now so that we stay open, providing ongoing and increasingly expanding ministry to our community.

God of Abundance, You are the source of all goodness and love, and we put our trust in this deep knowing above all. Through Jesus you have shown us, over and over again that there is enough. Jesus who taught us to pray and ask for what we need. Jesus who taught us to give of ourselves so others may live. May we brave to give today knowing it strengthens our own spirits, builds others up and shares hope for tomorrow, Amen.

3 easy ways to give:

1. By online electronic transfer from your bank to Islington United. Simply log in to your bank account online and select “email money” or “etransfer.” Follow the simple step-by-step prompts to direct your gift, of whatever amount you choose, to This is deposited directly into our bank account.

2. On our website using Canada Helps. Simply click here to make your gift. Please consider choosing a monthly donation.

3. By issuing a cheque to Islington United Church. A team of trusted volunteers is in place to pick up your cheque from your home (without making physical contact). If you wish to have a donation picked up by James or Jason, please contact the office at 416-239-1131 or to make arrangements.

Visit our website regularly to find hope and to see the growing list of ways we are reaching out to our community, offering inspiration online, and creating opportunities for virtual contact.