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Seeking Wisdom

A Message from Rev. Maya Landell

What a week. A big thank you to the Elves for undecorating on Monday. Much laughter filled the sanctuary as Jason and I were planning services for the upcoming season of Lent and Easter. We also held Ruth Allen’s funeral; it was a true privilege to have a chance to say goodbye to someone who shared a lifetime of love. It is also a time for all of us to reset and settle into a new year.

There are lots of learning opportunities before us, as we pursue our biblical knowledge and experience the wisdom of Solomon in the chapter, “The King Who Had It All.” Catch the video synopsis of the chapter here:
The Story chapter 13 the king who had it all

As the congregation steps forward into the Visioning process, awaiting a decision from the German International School of Toronto, and trusting in us participating in God’s future together, this prayer for wisdom by Tracie Miles is shared for us individually and collectively:
Lord, thank You for the people You have placed in my life who speak holy truth, love and words of wisdom. Give me a heart of discernment to know when You are using someone to speak instruction into my heart and my circumstances, and give me the strength and courage to follow through with that advice, even when it’s hard.

Fill me with your deep peace, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, when we also celebrate five baptisms.

What a blessing,
Rev. Maya