The Gift of a Star

A Message from Rev. Maya Landell


Last Sunday, each person present was given a gift … a star gift. What is it you wonder?

A star gift is a piece of white card with a star and a word printed on it. And that star gift is for you to keep and to ponder during the year ahead, to carry with you or post somewhere you will see it often, to let the word upon it work on your soul. Consider what significance this word might have in your life this year, and how God might be speaking to you through this simple message.

T.S Eliot said, “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.”

Will the star gift be stuffed into a pocket or jammed into the bottom of a purse, never to be considered again? Or will that word be embraced as an opportunity — a chance to reflect on how God speaks to God’s people?

What might we learn from one word? What new ideas might evolve, what treasured wisdom might resurface? Later in the season we will talk about our words. We will bring them together and see what light they might shine on our journey, not only as individuals but as a congregation.

Remember: Epiphany is the celebration of God’s presence breaking through to shine as a light in the darkness. Let us rejoice in the reminder of our generous, giving God — one star gift at a time!

Rev. Maya