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Advent 4

A Message from Rev. Maya Landell

I pause at the end of a full week for everyone involved in Christ’s ministry here at Islington United …

UCW Worship and Christmas celebration
preparing Christmas bulletins and communication
Day Club Senior’s Christmas Luncheon
volunteering at the Mabelle Food Program
Church Council Visioning Meeting
Thursday choir and Christmas Eve 5 pm service practice
welcoming people in need throughout the day
staff meetings, clean up, choreography, correspondence

. . . all in the name of Love.

And in the midst of this, things pause and wake us up to the mystery of Christmas . . .

a two week old baby named J.C., asleep beside me at Mabelle while his mama went through the shopping line
singing in the sanctuary with the lights on low
prayers in the middle of the day with a stranger who asked . . .

And how about this short film called Love Is a Gift?

LOVE IS A GIFT – Christmas Short Film
Prayers around your travels and adventures in the next few days and weeks.
God bless you in this final chapter of waiting. Don’t forget to share the love and bring a friend.

Love abounds,
Rev. Maya xo