Green News

from Islington's Green Team

Green News
from Islington's
Green Team

Sol Power: At the end of October, we celebrated our 6th anniversary of renewable energy. Producing at 96% of plan, we had generated 84.4 MWh of power and created $67,673 in revenue. Surprisingly, the months of June, August, September, and October were very sunny and buoyed our performance. We expect to recoup all of our capital investment by the end of 2019, which is still early in our 20-year contract to sell power to the grid.

Giving Garden: As a key piece our sustainable food outreach program, the garden yielded 268 kilos (590 lbs.) and 1,064 packages food for the Mabelle and Salvation Army Food Banks in 2017. On November 8th, we completed our final harvest with four kilos of fresh lettuce. Over this season we lost overall volume to a wet, cool start and a “lighter” crop mix. However, luckily, we increased the participation of our neighbourhood. With the assistance of Ann Woomert, we hosted small groups of Grade 6, 7 & 8 ESL students from Islington Junior  Middle School for three harvests.

We also hope to build excitement leading up to our Seed Planting, March 4/18 and encourage more hands-on participation throughout the school year and 2018 season. Despite a “battle royale” between our queen bees (IUC’s own Game of Thrones?), we spun-out, then sold all 71 jars of honey from our roof-top bee colony. At the Rummage Sale and Craft Fair we earned $852 for the Mabelle Food Program.

Energy Conservation: Over the past twelve months, with each room renovation at IUC, we have been upgrading to new LED fixtures - a remarkable shift to new, recently-affordable, energy-saving technology. And due to our seven-year history of lighting retrofits, we were asked to share our journey with Toronto Hydro, Enbridge and 50 other GTA faith communities at the Faith in the Common Good “Energy Savings Webinar” on Nov. 15th. We have saved over 15MWh per year of electricity, or the equivalent consumption of an average Etobicoke house.

Other Initiatives: We are currently working with the 433rd Scouts, church staff, Facilities and our Ministers to work out a new spot for the Scout Shed, the Garden Shed and a new, soon-to-be-purchased bicycle rack (our first!). Also, at a Nov 17th workshop for Faith in the Common Good, we helped create the basis for their new, three-year strategic plan.