The Go Project!

July 9th to 20th

The GO Project!
Children's and Youth Programs


The GO Project is an exciting youth ministry mission program, happening right here at Islington United Church from July 9th to July 20th. Youth aged 13 to 19 years will be living together in intentional community here at IUC and in addition to cooking, eating, and worshipping together, these young people and their leaders will be exploring community programs in the Toronto area and serving others.   

Throughout their 11 days together, participants of The GO Project will have the opportunity to volunteer at various mission sites around the city and discern how and where God is calling them upon completion of the program. We will be partnering again this year with local organizations such as The Giving Garden, Mabelle Food Program, Scott Mission, The Furniture Bank, Adam House, CRC at 40 Oaks, and many other initiatives that are making a difference in the community.

Last year, Islington United Church hosted three hugely successful GO Projects, due in no small part to the support that we received from the community. We are excited to be back again this year!

To ensure the program’s success, we rely on the support of the congregation. There are a number of ways you can help out!

* Billet - We are looking for billets to house three of our staff from June 17 to July 9 (or for a shorter period in that span).
* Volunteer Drivers - There are many sites we will be visiting-the more drivers we have, the easier it will be to get from site to site.
* TTC Tokens - Some of our sites are best travelled to via public transit – if you are unable to drive, money or tokens for TTC help us reach those sites!
* Donated baked goods - For our participants to enjoy as snacks! Please drop off at the church (labeled “GO PROJECT” and with ingredients) any time between July 8th and July 18th.
* Laundry Services - Looking for volunteers to pick up laundry and bring it back clean and dry the next day.
* Cottage - We are looking to spend one or two nights outside of the city as a staff team following the conclusion of the program on July 20.

To help in any way with the GO Project, or to find out more about the program, please contact the Toronto coordinator, Mark Anderson or contact Rev. Karen Eade at