Outreach Ministries

At Islington United Church our practice of Christian life extends well beyond our Church doors. That is why Islington is engaged in a wide range of initiatives to help our local community, our country and our foreign missions. There are numerous opportunities and challenges at Islington United for those called to make a difference in lives of those in need. Take some time to consider each of our Outreach Ministries to see how you can help bring Christ’s message of love to the world.

Mabelle Food Program

Our Mabelle Food Program operates in conjunction with the Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank to provide nutritious food packages to low income households in our local community. The Mabelle Food Program is open every second Wednesday at 49 Mabelle Avenue on Dundas near the Church. We need volunteers of all ages to help prepare and distribute food packages at the Food Program. We also welcome donations of food which can be left in the Food Program Box on the upper level outside the Church office or in the Narthex (i.e., the front Church lobby). For more information about the Mabelle Food Program please contact our Church Office at 416-239-1131 Ext. 21 or by email at office@islingtonunited.org.

Food Pantry

Not all needs for food and household supplies can be anticipated as sometimes unexpected emergencies produce urgent needs for families or others within our community. That is why Islington United’s emergency Food Pantry was established. The Food Pantry operates 12 months of the year and is available to anyone needing help. The Food Pantry Ministry monitors the Pantry’s use and replenishes supplies as required. For more information about Islington’s Emergency Food Pantry please contact our Church Office at 416-239-1131 Ext. 21 or by email at office@islingtonunited.org.

Out of the Cold Program

Toronto’s cold winter nights can be a serious challenge to our homeless. That is why Islington United participates in All Saint’s Anglican’s Out of the Cold Program. Islington’s Out of the Cold Team helps to cook and serve a hot supper for the homeless in our community at All Saints’ Anglican Church on two Fridays between November and April. For more information concerning the Out of the Cold Program please contact our Church Office at 416-239-1131 Ext. 21 or by email at office@islingtonunited.org.

Refugee Support

Since 1979 Islington United’s Refugee Support Ministry has provided planning, fundraising, advocacy and hands-on support to help families from countries around the world to find a new life in Canada. During this time, 86 people from across the globe have been brought to Canada and successfully integrated into our community. To learn more about the challenging and rewarding work of Islington’s Refugee Support Ministry please contact our Church Office at 416-239-1131 Ext. 21 or by email at office@islingtonunited.org.

Social Justice Committee

Islington United's Social Justice Committee plays an advocacy role for individuals who require a voice. The committee’s mandate includes lobbying the government on behalf of the various United Church social justice initiatives, promoting social justice programs to Church members and educating all of us concerning the many and sometimes complex issues associated with social justice. For more information concerning this exciting group please contact our Church Office at 416-239-1131 Ext. 21 or by email at office@islingtonunited.org.

Christmas Ministry

Islington United knows that Christmas can be a difficult time for many families. The Christmas Ministry collects gifts and food for families and individuals in our community to help them celebrate the birth of Christ. The collection and distribution of gifts and food through the White Bag Collection Program takes place the first Sunday of Advent. However the Christmas Committee works year-round providing assistance to those with limited resources. For more information about our Christmas Ministry please contact our Church Office at 416-239-1131 Ext. 21 or by email at office@islingtonunited.org.

The GO Project

The GO Project is a unique mission for children, youth and young adults from across Canada. The Children’s Program, for those in Grade 3 to 8, includes three one week day-camps (2 in Toronto and 1 in London) and the Five Oaks Overnight Children's Adventure Camp. The Youth GO Project, for those in Grades 9 to 12 up to the age of 18, offers outreach ministries during 11-day sessions that are held in Toronto, Halifax, Stratford, St. John’s, Saskatoon, and Vancouver! There’s also GO Projects for young adults ages 19 to 35! All GO Projects allow participants to explore their faith and mission by serving in an outreach project. For more information please contact Alana Martin at 416-239-1131 Ext. 31 or email Alana at thegoproject@islingtonunited.org. You can also find out more at The Go Project website at http:/www.thegoproject.ca

African Well Drilling

Islington United's LivingWater Campaign is a multi-faceted, three-year fund raising program to raise money for Islington’s spiritual engagement initiatives, church repairs and renovations and our offshore missions. A key component of the LivingWater Campaign is the African Well Drilling Program which finances the drilling of wells for communities in African countries. The program helps to provide these communities with cool, fresh, life-giving water which can make a profound difference in lives of thousands. For more information concerning the Livingwater African Well Drilling Program please contact our Church office at 416-239-1131 Ext. 21 or by email at office@ilsingtonunited.org.

Mission and Service

Mission and Service (M&S) supports a wide range of programs and activities allowing The United Church of Canada to bring aid and support locally, nationally and around the world. M&S projects in Canada and around the world allow us to live out God's mission in places where we cannot go as individuals or even as a congregation. To learn more about the various projects funded by M&S please visit Mission and Service under the Discover Us section of this website.

Islington United has a long history of supporting the Mission and Service. You may donate to this important fund through our secure, online donation by visiting the CanadaHelps site and selecting "Mission and Service (M&S) Fund" from the Fund/Designation pop-up menu. Please give generously in grateful thanks for all God has given you and know that your gift will be greeted with profound thanks by the people who are helped and served through M&S.