LivingWater Campaign


“…out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.” John 7:38 (NSVR)

Islington United Church
Celebrates Our Livingwater Campaign

We are sincerely grateful to the 143 families and individuals who pledged and contributed to the Living Water campaign. Over the last three years more $320,000 has been donated to the LivingWater campaign.

It is important for churches to do two things often. The first is to celebrate the good work done in the service of our Lord. Celebrating acknowledges great effort and helps to generate energy for future effort. The second is to frequently assess, vision and plan in order to continue as a relevant and thriving congregation doing God’s work.

Through the LivingWater Campaign, our goal was to ask every member to share why they love this church. We wanted to share your passion with others who may want to join us.

But we must also acknowledge that there is much more we can and need to do. We chose the name ‘Living Water’ because this is what the Holy Spirit empowers us to be. In our own community, we don’t have to look far for neighbours who are desperately thirsty and need the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We need to welcome them.